Job Detail
Title: WeChat public account operation Type: social recruitment Department: Operations
Address: Shenzhen Recruiting numbers : 5 Salary: Negotiable
Date: 2021-06-13 Expiry Date: 2021-04-09    
1. Participate in the design, development, testing and maintenance of the company’s project software; 
2. Assist relevant colleagues to complete the maintenance and optimization of the existing platform; 
3. Participate in the development of platform-related technical interfaces and document writing; 
4 .Complete various R&D tasks assigned by superiors on time and on demand, and actively cooperate with other tasks assigned by the technical department.  Job
1. Bachelor degree or above, computer science and technology, software engineering and related majors; 
1. More than 1 year of Java development experience, with payment system development experience preferred; 
2. Proficient in Java language foundation, proficient in the use of JSP/ Servlet, SSH, SpringMVC, Mybatis, redis, Tomcat, eclipse, SVN and other technical frameworks and tools; 
3. Familiar with Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL and other databases, proficient in Oracle and experienced in complex query optimization is preferred; 
4. Familiar with HTML , CSS, JS and Jquery and other front-end technologies, familiar with page structure and layout; 
5. Familiar with the basic commands of Linux, able to carry out related configuration and project deployment; 
6. Have strong logical thinking ability and good programming habits; 
7. Cheerful personality, strong teamwork, communication and learning skills, and full of work passion and sense of responsibility.