Job Detail
Title: Marketing Manager Type: social recruitment Department: Marketing Department
Address: Shenzhen Recruiting numbers : 2 Salary: Negotiable
Date: 2021-06-13 Expiry Date: long term effective    
Work content:
1. According to the company's strategic development goals, research and select the target market, organize the preparation of the annual market development plan, and report to the marketing director for approval;
2. Actively implement the market development plan to expand the company's influence in the market;
3. Collect industry information in a timely manner, track information and changes in the same industry at home and abroad, such as technology, market, etc.;
4. Understand the industry trends, market and product marketing trends, and the status of competitors, organize and analyze various information , File establishment;
5. Unified planning and organization of corporate internal public relations activities, expanding media partnerships, and increasing the market share of corporate products through public relations activities and image communication;
6. Organizing and implementing brand promotion activities to establish corporate product brands in target customer groups The reputation and reputation of the company;
7. Responsible for guiding, managing, and supervising the business work of the staff of the department;
8. Guiding and participating in the training and assessment of the staff of the department.
Job requirements :
1. Bachelor degree or above in marketing, economics, management and other related majors; more than
2.5 years of marketing work experience, more than 3 years of market management experience;
3. Possess professional market knowledge and understand market development trends;
4. Familiar with the company's product technology Knowledge;
5. Have team spirit and good professional ethics.